Application Security

Application Security

Sentek Global prides itself on its deep domain expertise to proactively identify potential risks to your organization from external and internal attackers. We will quickly identify application-coding practices, database/web server misconfigurations and unhardened deployments that put your information at risk.

Our Application Security services include:

Secure Code Audit:

Source code assessments are an important aspect of reducing the risks of exposing or denying access to data in your organizations critical business applications. We’ll evaluate how automated and manual processes are employed to baseline the application and identify insecure code, business logic flaws, misconfigurations and function misuse. Typical areas of concern include: SQL injection, input validation, insecure transport, access and session control, XSS, buffer overflows, vulnerabilities within the app, middleware and database stack.

Application Security Engineering:

Sentek Global can assist your developers in designing and architecting secure applications and implementing secure coding throughout the software development lifecycle. Our trained engineers can provide a customizable level of services, including training, audit, review, test and implementation.