Vulnerability Assessments:

Vulnerability assessments proactively identify potential risks to your organization from external and internal attackers. An external vulnerability assessment scans an organization’s network perimeter and servers for known vulnerabilities and policy misconfigurations. An internal scan includes internally accessible hosts and networks, identifying assets at risk to unauthorized access. This process identifies software defects (bugs, vulnerabilities and misconfigurations), as well as insecure network architecture and segmentation deployments.

Application Vulnerability Assessment

Insecure coding practices and database and web server misconfigurations and even unhardened deployments can introduce vulnerabilities that put your data at risk. Utilizing industry best practices and leading tools, Sentek Global performs thorough application vulnerability assessment, source code analysis, and database security assessments.

Cloud Risk Assessment

The strategic benefits of the cloud are clear, whether it is Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS), or Software as a service (Saas). There are, however, risks associated with implementing a public, private, or hybrid-cloud environment. Working with your unique business requirements, Sentek Global’s cloud security experts can assess the risks of migrating portions or all of your servers, applications and data to a cloud solution.  Our experts perform a thorough assessment of your requirements and the necessary security, compliance, and operational risks of different solutions, including Amazon EC2, Rackspace, Azure.

Social Exposure Intelligence

How much does an attacker know about your company’s internal systems and processes? As Facebook, Twitter and other social media have become integral parts of our personal and business lives, these same systems can disclose confidential information about your organization, its employees, business systems and processes. Sentek Global’s Social Exposure Intelligence service performs a comprehensive assessment of confidential or sensitive information that is available to potentially malicious actors. This assessment details which company employees are identifiable publicly, and what potentially sensitive information can be found.


Penetration Testing:

Penetration Testing looks for vulnerabilities in your hardened systems. Not all vulnerabilities are exploitable, and secure configuration and deployment and threat mitigations can prove effective compensating controls.  Penetration testing provides validation of exploitable vulnerabilities in your real-world environment. This analysis is carried out from the position of a potential attacker by experienced and highly trained testers, identifying previously unknown weaknesses and reporting on the difficulty of the exploits so that you can prioritize your risk mitigation and remediation efforts.


Application Security:

Secure Code Audit

Source code assessments are an important aspect of reducing the risks of exposing or denying access to data in your organizations critical business applications. Both automated and manual processes are employed to baseline the application and identify insecure code, business logic flaws, misconfigurations, and function misuse. Typical areas of concern include: SQL injection, input validation, insecure transport, access and session control, XSS, buffer overflows, vulnerabilities within the app, middleware, and database stack.

Application Security Engineering

Secure by design is the goal. Sentek Global can assist your developers in designing and architecting secure applications and implementing secure coding throughout the software development lifecycle. Our trained engineers can provide a customizable level of services, including training, audit, review, test and implementation.


Program Security Development:

Developing and maintaining an enterprise security program is essential to achieving the security, risk and governance objectives of an organization. A robust program includes a risk management plan, enterprise security strategy, operational criteria and culture, policies, compliance requirements, budget, and system architecture. Let our expertise work for you to develop and right-size an effective program for addressing the ongoing cybersecurity risk.


Commercial To Government

Go-To Market Strategies:

 Sentek Global has assisted companies ranging in size from small to global with bringing their products to market for the U.S. government. Specific services that we provide include: DIACAP, DIARMF, FedRAMP, and other federal compliance certification; identification of contracting vehicles and strategies; and identification of customers and partners.


Cloud Value Added

Reseller Services:

Sentek Global is a preferred partner with several Cloud providers and can assist you with migrating to the cloud, to a hybrid cloud, or from one cloud provider to another. With our relationships and experience certifying various cloud providers for use by the federal government, we can provide recommendations for the most appropriate cloud provider for your unique businesses requirements.