Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Approach to the way we work

Sentek Global’s approach to effectively integrating best practices and cost savings into its professional support services across the Virtual SYSCOM will have three touchstones:

  • Quality
  • Responsibility
  • Accountability

As a matter of practical management, Sentek will disseminate these best practices among its employees and team members through the following methods:

  • Ongoing Continuing Education;
  • Company-Wide Lessons Learned Debriefings
  • Regular Best Practices Information Flowdown

Sentek’s first management principle as a professional service organization is quality. By quality we mean that Sentek operates as a high-value organization that provides a team of experienced professionals, each with unique strengths. Sentek professionals are trained to integrate themselves into the client’s operation and to adopt the client’s goals, practices and mission as rapidly as possible. Part of this is accomplished by having more than 90% of Sentek employees on-site at the client’s facilities on a full-time basis. More than the physical location, however, Sentek employees are able to respond to the client’s priorities and direction as if they were coming from Sentek management. Each and every Sentek professional knows that unless we make our clients successful, Sentek cannot be successful. The best indication of success for us is when the client’s managers and executives feel that Sentek professionals are adding value by providing quality work in the time expected.

Responsibility is the second key Sentek imperative. Sentek professionals are taught to assume responsibility for the understanding, execution and consequences of any task assigned to them. Moreover, Sentek team members are taught and expected to learn or at least be aware of the roles and responsibilities of their coworkers and if they see a gap which needs to be filled, to fill it.

Finally, accountability is a Sentek hallmark. Sentek demands that its professionals assume control of their service product and than stand behind the results.

The qualities of seamlessness, responsibility and accountability are what distinguish the broad workplace approach which Sentek professionals bring to their clients. The technical capabilities — the best practices — which enable them to perform their jobs at the highest level are disseminated to Sentek team members first through a focus on ongoing continuing education. Sentek pays 100% of any professional or career-related education, seminars or training for its employees, and encourages them all to take advantage of such opportunities. Secondly, each Sentek employee is debriefed by senior management after the completion of each client assignment for Lessons Learned. Those “Lessons Learned” are then communicated to the entire Sentek team through regular meetings, e-mail communications, and phone conferences. Finally, industry-wide best practices which are acquired through individual Sentek team members’ exposure to other contractors on joint ventures or at industry events are similarly communicated to the other members of the Sentek team. In this way, Sentek professionals receive both the benefit of our own learning experiences and those of our counterparts in the professional service support community.

Approach to guarantee responsiveness to and cooperation with customers

The first way that Sentek guarantees responsiveness to and cooperation with customers is by having most Sentek professionals co-located at the customers work site so there is no separation or time lag in communications between Sentek and the customer. Beyond the physical location, however, Sentek’s philosophy is rooted in customer service. Sentek line professionals are taught to respond to customer inquiries and direction as if they were coming from Sentek management themselves. All Sentek employees are inculcated with the belief and the credo that Sentek cannot be successful unless its customers are successful. Sentek backs that philosophy by tying a significant portion of employee compensation to the employee’s customer satisfaction reviews. Sentek management also regularly follow up with customer managers with the single critical question: “Are we meeting your expectations?”

In short, responding to and cooperating with its customers is the single most important thing that Sentek does. Its approach is to communicate that message to its employees day in and day out. By all signs, Sentek employees have gotten the message.

Approach to problem resolution

The Sentek approach to problem resolution is very simple: if a client identifies a problem with Sentek’s work or deliverables, we first commit to solving that problem ASAP. Then — concurrently if feasible — we set out to understand what was the cause of the problem, hopefully in an atmosphere of as few recriminations as possible. Once the cause of the problem is identified, that information and the lessons learned from it are flowed down to all Sentek team members. A corrective plan is put in place with Sentek professionals and is shared with the client to minimize the possibility that the problem in question will ever occur again.

Sentek also has a policy that if any customer problem is not solved within 24 hours, all line Sentek employees are expected to elevate the problem to one of the 3 principals for immediate resolution. This policy has worked very well for Sentek to date.

On individual contracts assigned under Seaport-e, Sentek will flow down incentives (should the contract provide for incentives) to its team partners on a pro-rata basis reflecting the workshares detailed in the Statement of Work for that particular contract.

Sub-Contractor Management

Communication is the key to managing processes, and this is the foundation of our sub-contractor management. To complete the breadth of our service offerings and truly be able to meet the needs of clients, Sentek has only teamed with highly skilled and reputable partners. We have excellent relationships with each, and leverage these relationships to ensure that all parties understand their required roles, functions, tasks and timelines. Utilizing measured approaches to project management, Sentek is able to keep its pulse on what each vendor is doing, the quality of the work being performed, and the Time-to-Completion.