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Why Sentek is the Best Diacap Training Choice

The right experience

The Right Experience

  • Trusted expertise, having many years of experience building DIACAP packages.
  • 100% success rate – Every system we’ve supported has achieved accreditation.
  • Over 9 years of proven experience, working with a range of commercial and government organizations including USN, DHS, Coast Guard, Samsung Electronics, Army, Air Force, USMC and many others.

The right experience

The Right Course

  • This course fulfills a requirement needed to become a Navy Fully Qualified Validator (FQV).
  • Instructors with real-world experience in multiple roles in DoD Information Assurance including Validator, Certification Authority Liaison and Information Systems Security Engineer.
  • Course includes a hands-on lab component that walks every student through the creation and testing of a DIACAP package using DoN-approved templates and tools.
  • Our Sentek Mobile Training Team can bring the course to you.
  • We have a training facility with a full lab in San Diego, California.
  • DIACAP 201 is an approved GI Bill class.
  • Course satisfies the following Navy CA Fully Qualified Validator requirements:
    • Navy Certifier Equivalent Course
    • CNSS 4012 and 4015

The right industry

The Right Industry

  • Hundreds of our students become Fully Qualified Validators and continue on to successful careers.
  • The Department of Defense is planning to aggressively hire cyber security experts.
  • The cyber security industry has a 0.9% unemployment rate.
  • The skills taught in this course are translatable to civilian cyber security requirements.

Course Information

The DIACAP 201 course is a 5-day intensive hands-on technical workshop. During this course, students will be taught the basic principles for accomplishing the Certification and Accreditation (C&A) process for Navy information systems.

This training presents the most up-to-date concepts, tools, laboratory exercises and classroom examples currently available. Instructors have years of experience in preparing and reviewing packages for the DoD.

Become An Expert In:

  • Building a DIACAP Package from scratch using all approved DISA scanning tools.
  • Supporting documents including the Implementation Plan, Validation Results, Supporting Artifacts,
    the DIACAP Scorecard and the Plan of Action & Milestones (POA&M).
  • Learning why and when those supporting documents come into play in the process.