Application Security

Sentek Cyber prides itself on its deep domain expertise to proactively identify potential risks to your organization from external and internal attackers. We will quickly identify application-coding practices, database/web server misconfigurations and unhardened deployments that put your information at risk.

Application Security:

Are your applications sufficiently secured to sustain the unrelenting barrage of hacker attacks? The time to find out is now, before one or more of those attacks is successful.

Considering the possibilities of external or internal attacks, we will quickly identify where your information is in jeopardy of compromise. Application Security analyses include:

  • Unsecure application coding practices
  • Database/web server misconfigurations
  • Unhardened deployments
  • Architectural weaknesses

Security By Evaluation: Secure Code Audit

To understand whether your source code is exposing the data in your critical business applications to risk, we will evaluate:

  • How automated and manual processes are employed in order to baseline the application and identify insecure code
  • Business logic flaws
  • Misconfigurations
  • Function misuse

Our Secure Code Audits offer a comprehensive analysis of the areas that most concern businesses today including: SQL injection; input validation; insecure transport; access and session control; XSS; buffer overflows; and vulnerabilities within the application, middleware and database stack.

Security By Design: Application Security Engineering

Our experienced engineering team can assist your developers in designing, architecting and implementing more secure engineering and applications. We will customize our services to support your business needs according to your stage in the development lifecycle, from requirement development to deployment and operations.