Cloud Risk Assessment

Protect Your Business In the Cloud

No one understands cloud risk better than we do – it’s why we have been entrusted to certify various Cloud providers for use by the U.S. military. This is the level of expertise you deserve when you’re considering where to migrate your servers. The Cloud offers extensive operational and financial benefits for your business. At the same time, the Cloud comes with risks your business should know about and plan for before getting involved.

Our Cloud risk assessment is designed around the unique factors of your organization including the type of data you process (e.g., PCI data or HIPAA data) for the kind of industry you are in (financial institutions, DOD contractors, retail, etc.) whether you are a global enterprise or a regional business. We analyze Cloud risk through the lenses of the infrastructure, data security and software management you need. With a clear understanding of Cloud risk exposure for your business, you can then migrate part or all of your servers, applications and data to a Cloud solution with more confidence.

We will assess:

  • Your requirements for security in a new Cloud environment
  • The security posture of your chosen Cloud service provider (or we can help you select one)
  • Compliance risks
  • Operational risks

The Power of Partnerships

Once we have determined your Cloud risk and security needs, we will leverage our preferred partner status with Cloud providers to assist you in securing the right environment for you. Take advantage of Sentek Global’s reputation and relationships to add even more lasting value to your Cloud risk assessment.