Vulnerability Assessments

Technology boosts businesses more than ever before – but it can also put important company and consumer data at risk. At Sentek Cyber, we work tirelessly to test the security of the information our clients collect, create, and store through our vulnerability assessments.

Sentek Cyber provides a professional platform to identify the vulnerabilities of your network from all possible angles. The vulnerability assessments offered by Sentek can protect your company from hacking attacks from all different angles, securing your data, privacy, and reputation.

Our external vulnerability assessments include a thorough examination of your network’s perimeter and potential policy misconfigurations. We also deploy an in-depth assessment of your internally accessible hosts and networks to identify assets at risk of unauthorized access. This sweep detects software defects like bugs, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations, as well as insecure network architecture and segmentation deployments.

Application Security Assessments

The Sentek team of talented IT security professionals will identify your company’s vulnerable coding practices, any database/web server misconfigurations, and unhardened deployments that could put your information at risk. The application security assessment we undertake is robust, searching for both classic and emerging threats to application security.

Cloud Vulnerability Assessments

Our security experts understand the complex landscape of the cloud and what can leave the information stored on it vulnerable. Sentek’s cloud vulnerability assessments rigorously evaluate a network’s security compliance and can inform you of the operational risks of different possible solutions.

Social Exposure Assessments

Popular social networks like Twitter and Facebook may seem harmless, but they often house bits and pieces of your personal and business information that, if pieced together, could constitute a full-scale breach of confidential information. Sentek’s social exposure assessment services include a full-scale examination of your company’s vulnerability through these platforms. We assess which employees are publicly identifiable and what sensitive information someone with ill intent could connect to your organization.

At Sentek, we pride ourselves on our ability to protect hardworking companies from cyber dangers. We are hands-on problem-solvers who measure our accomplishments by the success of our clients.

Our relentless, hacker-seeking team comes from an array of backgrounds, including IT, corporate, military, and government experience. You can trust us to perform comprehensive network vulnerability assessments that can help your organization rest assured that your information is secure.